Each person has inherent strengths that make them the person they are. My experience as a therapist guides me to determine solutions that are realistic and fit into your unique family structure, recognizing its strengths and reconnecting you with the joy of family.

My philosophy is to encourage individuals to locate their own strengths and find ways to enhance them while addressing the problem issues. I evaluate learning styles to maximize change strategies, use behavioral interventions and take the time necessary to fully understand the problem. I move to establish harmonious structures and routines that work for you and your family.

​Many of the strategies we work on collaboratively include education / information sharing, coaching, identifying and forming goals, behavior planning & recognizing what makes you and your family happy, while identifying impediments to change. 


Often there are other factors that affect a child’s or a family’s situation. With permission and when appropriate, I will take the time to talk to your doctor, the teacher, or school liaisons to better understand the entire situation.

It is also important to get an accurate assessment of individual/family behaviors. I have experience in helping my clients understand various conditions and in helping them to reach an accurate diagnosis of a disorder. By analyzing background information and providing clear explanations of diagnosis, I help parents more effectively deal with issues. I am willing to attend meetings with the school to help parents and teachers determine necessary methods that will promote the child’s growth in social/learning skills.

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